Writing a Business Novel

How to Write, Publish, and Market a Business Novel (Or Any Creative Presentation of a Serious Idea)

ART OF THE BIZNOVEL is the sum of what I've learned (sometimes the hard way) in my career of writing story-based business books. It's a brief guide, but covers the entire writing and publishing process, from concept to creating the manuscript to marketing and publishing. Included is my special expertise on how to develop stories, either fiction or non-fiction, you can use to get across your ideas and make them memorable.

Here's what ART OF THE BIZNOVEL covers:

- The five-step "formula" for selling millions of copies. (Seriously, it's in there, toward the end. It's not easy or guaranteed, but I tell you what it takes.)

- How your book can be extremely successful without selling tons of copies.

- How to find a writer (assuming I'm not available).

- The book launch sequence. Things you need to prepare for and do throughout the publishing cycle.

- Conventional publishing vs. indie publishing. Which one is best for you?

- Working on your pitch -- summarizing your book in just a few high-impact sentences.

- The important role of "buzz."

- Types of stories and how they can work with business subject.

- Copyrights and other legal issues.

- Do you really need a literary agent? (It depends.)

- Advice on writing the manuscript.

- Essential concepts of writing a story-based book, plus a lot of practical advice.

Cover of the book, ART OF THE BIZNOVEL

ART OF THE BIZNOVEL is currently available only as an ebook through Smashwords.com for the price of $19.99. But a printed edition will be available sometime soon.

Though relatively short (about 20,000 words), this is an easy-to-read yet comprehensive text coverning all the key issues of conceiving, writing, publishing, and marketing a business book. For that matter, ART OF THE BIZNOVEL contains plenty of advice applicable to publishing books in general, be they fiction or non-fiction. It reflects decades of experience from working with coauthors, agents, publishers, and developing the all-important readership who will make a book a success. For a $20 investment, far less than the cost of a typical business lunch, you get an overview of the entire process, start to finish.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the ebook from Smashwords. Available in most common formats. And you can download a sample of the text prior to purchase.

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