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"The best delivery system ever invented
for an idea is a story."
Arron Sorkin, screenwriter

And that's what I do. I write stories about ideas. Usually, the ideas revolve around business, but the potential is certainly not limited to business.

There are some who feel that stories are frivilous. That is absolutely not so. The stories that I write are technically and theoretically accurate to the concepts being advanced. What the story does is draw the reader in and bring the idea to life.

Several of the books I've written have sold very well, some in the millions worldwide. But the book and the subsidiary products (audio, video, etc.) do not have to sell in huge quantities to be successful. Typically I work with a coauthor, often a leading consultant and his or her firm, and the true measure of success is when the book becomes a catalyst to the growth of the coauthor's organization. 

So I'm not just writing a book for someone. I am offering a way for you to stand out, get your ideas adopted by more people, and create what could be a major opportunity for your firm.

Jeff Cox

The Book That Started It All
TIME Magazine included The Goal in its list of the "25 Most Influential Business Management Books." And the The Goal was also chosen as one of the "100 Best Business Books of All Time.*" Jeff Cox was the creative writer who wrote the original manuscript of The Goal, his first book. What was unusual was that it was written as a novel. Why? Because the story brought all the business theory to life – and readers loved it. The Goal was on business bestseller lists for years and was even used as a text at Harvard and a number of other universities.  * By business book specialists Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten.

Written By Jeff
"I wrote all these books and more. Most were authored in partnership with leading consultants and executives. All were written as stories – as fiction, though backed by serious business thinking. This is not to say I won't write non-fiction, but creative fiction writing has been my niche for many years. One thing I can do is take non-fiction material and structure it as a story. This is challenging, but can be very powerful in terms of getting your ideas across. Stories, be they fiction or non-fiction, can be highly potent. And they can help you make an impact." - Jeff Cox
Five-Star Comments
Books that Jeff has written regularly earn four and five-star reviews from readers. It's not just the writing, of course; it's the value of the concepts behind the writing. But the writing is what gets those concepts across and makes them both comprehensible and memorable. Here's one for  Hanging Fire:

"Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! I wouldn't have expected a busines novel to be such a compelling read. The scenarios ... are all too familiar, and the characters ... feel very relatable and real. Hanging Fire is a remarkably quick read considering the amount of information it contains."

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