Writing for You

Writing books has been the mainstay of my career for many years. Most of the business books I've published have been collaborations written in partnership with the heads of entrepreneurial consulting firms who are among the leaders in their fields.

I am a creative writer with a gift for understanding the complexities of business. What I bring to the party is more than just my skills as a wordsmith.  I create entire worlds in fiction and set within those worlds whatever solutions my coauthors are advocating. I then reveal those solutions through a combination of logic and storytelling. The result is that readers are better able to grasp these often complex concepts and they are more likely to "buy in" to what you are selling. So, in short, what I am really creating are sales opportunities.

If you have a firm seeking growth, my capabilities could be quite valuable to you. Contact me and I will send to you a document with a complete rundown on what's required, timeframes, costs, and so on. You can then decide if you want to take the next step.

Interested? Don't wait. At the moment I am uncommited, but that could change quickly. Once I've reached an agreement with a coauthor, I won't be available again for many months, possibly years. If you have something the world needs to know about, click on  CONTACT in the menu at the top. Thanks.

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