The Italian Club

THE ITALIAN CLUB is a mystery-thriller novel -- infused with comedy -- inspired by an actual place. I was waiting for a big-ticket business project to come together, but there was one lengthy delay after another. So I started writing this novel while I was waiting. The project never materialized. However, I did finish and publish the novel. Not to blow my own horn too loudly, but I think it's one of the better things I've written. I've belonged to the club that inspired the story for 20 years and have many good friends at this place, the Italian-American Club of Export. I'm sure there are social clubs hither and yon that are similar, but the IAC-of-E will always be special to me.


Readers Rave About THE ITALIAN CLUB ...

"The book had me captivated, laughing and almost in tears. Can't get any better than that."
– Beth McQuaid, online comment

"I had so much fun reading it, at times bursting out loud with laughter ... Thanks for the incredible read. Loved it!"
– Donna Thatcher on Facebook

"A very entertaining read. I finished the book in one sitting. I could not put it down."
– Amazon Customer

" ... A tale of mystery, suspense, and humor that makes for a great read."
 – Amazon Customer  

"Just finished the book, and I loved it! ... I couldn't put it down."
– Debbie, online comment

 "Wonderful book. You will truly enjoy. Easy reading. You'll finish it tonight."
  – Jeanne Cardoni on Facebook

"I ... was able to read your marvelous novel in two sittings. Absolutely incredible work ... Your characters had me laughing, feeling their fear and emotions and made me think of many people I have met at the Italian Club, all great people. ... Best wishes and continued success with this book, I will endorse it always!"
– Nick Jordan, online comment.

An Excellent Review ... 

"Business author Cox's ... first foray into thriller territory is surprisingly lighthearted, not withstanding spurts of violence; readers witness at least one shooting that's chilling in its terseness. The characters and club setting, however, are so richly detailed that they feel warmly familiar. Moments like patrons at the bar with piles of cash in front of them (to avoid "fumbling with wallets") are comical high points. ... But trepidation in the final act is thoroughly elevated, putting several lives, including Joe's, in peril. There are far too many excellent, well-rounded characters to list, all with their personal back stories. But Joe's potential love interest, Annette, is memorable, caring for her dementia-ridden mother with no help from her sister Darbie, who revels in telling everyone her sibling's probably a lesbian.

"An undemanding murder story reinforced by superlative characters...."
 – Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus is universally known in the publishing business for their honest and objective, but often unsparing reviews of books and other media. For a book to earn the praise of Kirkus is quite an accomplishment.

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